Saturday 5 March 2016

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In today's flat economy where information is the new money, the access to the means and the resources to fortify and strengthen our ideas is readily available. In the ancient era business was a dream for a common man, it was believed that business can only pass through generations i.e from their father's and grandfather's. But now things are taking a big turn.There has never been a more apt time for ideas to slide into action so quickly . The education, the confidence, the access to internet, foreign investments and the government has been a great boon in supporting the common man to become an entrepreneur. This has given the aam aadmi the confidence to chase a thought without being bogged down by the possibility of meeting with failure despite putting in hard work. Now, Modi's "Make in India "campaign encourage muti-national, as well as domestic companies to manufacture their products in India.

The initiative hopes to attract capital and technological investment in India. In a society evolving in the art of self awareness, we have started asking the right kind of questions to ourselves. The increasing ineptitude of the Goliath firms to churn out quality work that lives up to the speed and hunger of the today's graduates who are extremely ready for taking risks and with the immense flow of new and creative ideas to attract the market with their own zeel and the failure in challenging the potential of their workforce is a great driving force for youngsters to detach themselves with anything that doesn't add value or meaning to their lives and instead go in pursuit of things that do. After all who would not like to be their own boss? Thus, the advent and colonization of the quick and nimble, self-starting epoch of entrepreneurship.

Article By- Priyanka Manivannan


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