Friday 15 October 2021

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Reconnaissance, Determining and Arranging/Execution for a third wave should begin right away. Numerous specialists presently accept that the development of crown in October month is the pivotal trigger to comprehend if third crown wave will occur. 

As India opens, we need to assemble observation framework to guarantee that we are not left absolutely unguarded on the off chance that a brutal third wave hits us. The genuine arranging is in distinguishing whether the cases are dramatically rising and furthermore in making arrangements for clinical beds, oxygen, remdesivir and other basic parts which are essential in this conflict against crown. 

This can be settled by keeping up with straightforward public entry where area astute/ward shrewd opening equilibrium of oxygen supply ( with subtleties of oxygen plants to be construct ), no of beds in private and public, load of Remdesivir, Tocilizumab and other basic medications, number of specialists graduating, early arrangement with enrollment of attendants, junior specialists on a huge scale, number of ambulances, emergency framework like the one in Mumbai and numerous other ought to be recorded and made public so responsibility can be fixed if there should arise an occurrence of any breaches. Arranging ought to be accomplished for atleast 1.5 - twice the last top in second wave. 

In places like Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, if conceivable the pandemic administration ought to be taken care of not from City companies( an excessive number of tricks coming up) however from a body with a blend of senior officials from State and Focal Government. Actually like political decision commission, focus ought to name focal eyewitnesses for all regions who can screen whether the crown rules set out by focus is carried out or not. The middle has been fruitful in carrying out different rules, however its powerful execution on the ground is as yet a secret. So close organization might be required. 

A standard input from overall population on rising number of Flu Like Sickness and Extreme Intense Respiratory Disease ought to be made accessible on Twitter accounts or any public site, where high alerts can be gotten from different areas and halfway observed through a dashboard. This is a critical information point since such observation and guaging framework exists in US and UK. We should follow the cases before the numbers become dramatic. 

The limit of Indian labs in genomic observation is exceptionally negligible. We should construct ability to follow any new variations and any new infections arising, the spot ought to be cordoned off promptly and powerful travel and different measures ought to be set before on with the goal that the nation wide harm can be stayed away from. 

Nation should build worldwide travel observation particularly at Mumbai and Delhi, since in both the waves, the ascent began from Maharashtra. So close observing of these urban communities for cultivating of variations from outside nation is exceptionally fundamental. 

A veil list for each spot ought to be distributed. Facebook through its calculations has tracked down that many pieces of Indian urban areas have quite recently 60% consistence. On the off chance that this consistence falls further, there is an issue. The consistence ought to be firmly observed and it ought to be kept at 80% to 90%. There are currently many exploration papers proposing that with 80% consistence, the pace of development can be stopped in many spots. 

Immunization inclusion list for each spot ought to be there and measurements like antibody in stock, however not conveyed to public ought to be checked exhaustively. In the event that notwithstanding a compelling immunization inclusion, there is an ascent in number of cases, then, at that point, an assumption can be made that the equivalent is a result of another variation. Forceful cordoning of such places ought to be finished. 

Saturday 12 September 2020

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Remain Safe and Be Ready !!! 

1. Cases are exponentially rising. The effect of the opening in August is turning out to be more noticeable now with cases rising exponentially expanding all over India. Expanded opening methods, expanded diseases which will just build your odds of getting contaminated. Group Resistance is a far off dream since, antibodies are not shaped as a rule and reinfections are seen much of the time. 

2. Evade Indoor spaces. This infection cherishes indoor spaces particularly cooled spaces like Bars, Eateries, shopping centers where the contaminations can go for more than 2m. 

3. Permit Outdoors air come into Indoor spaces and keep your spaces all around ventilated. This will guarantee that the infection particles are cleared away by the air 

4. My Covers ensures you. Your veils secures me. Mask and covers possibly offer assurances if just both are wearing. So dodge communications without mask . Anyway dodge delayed cooperations. Mask will help you getting lesser viral burden and regardless of whether contaminated, just a mellow malady is taken note. Nations which have stricter cover System have seen mellow illness. 

5. Keep away from Collaborations with outcasts and Open Contact at Workplaces. Just basic gatherings and beyond what many would consider possible adjust innovation. Numerous administrations are liberated from cost. Whatsapp can be utilized for unnecessary interchanges. Email ought to be adjusted. Adjust an anonymous culture where, just for fundamental works, vis-à-vis meeting ought to be commanded. 

6. Passings in the age gathering ( > 50 yrs) is just expanding. This gathering ought to dodge open vehicle, use N-95 veils or Careful covers, wash hands and keep 2m separation. This gathering should shield itself. 

7. Don't postpone testing. Early location and treatment brings about cytokine storm not setting in. So second you have fever, hack or windedness, donot dodge a test. If it's not too much trouble complete a test and accept vital medicines as given by the administration. Early treatment works. If there should arise an occurrence of early treatment, in the event of moderate or serious cases, Hydroxy chloroquine, Remdesivir can be directed. You don\'t need to go around for this medication. It tends to be requested online from their site. There is no compelling reason to freeze in such manner 

8. The More youthful Lot..You are fine and you won't get lethal disease...But dont go excessively near others without veils and older and contaminate them. This is a greater concern 

9. The ideal opportunity for get-togethers like birthday celebrations, wedding parties is as yet not their. This is likewise not a chance to go to resorts, holidaying and so on. You have hung tight for 4 to 5 months. Simply play it safe for scarcely any more months. 

10. In extreme cases, kindly go to an emergency clinic which has a bigger ICU set up and where there is a past filled with numerous Coronavirus patients enduring. The littler medical clinics are not treating the patients appropriately and dont have masters to deal with. Examination shows that medical clinics which have particular ICUs unit have dealt with Coronavirus better.

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In India, security details are provided to some high-risk individuals by the police and local government. Depending on the threat perception to the person, the category is divided into six tiers: SPG Force, Z+, Z, Y+, Y, and X.

The Indian Special Protection Group (SPG) provides proximate security to the Prime Minister of India and members of their immediate families anywhere in the world. While the actual strength is classified, anywhere above 3000 personnel might be in this unit. Taxpayers pay 1.62 crores per day for this security.

Z+ is the highest category security in India. It offers a security cover of 55 personnel, including 10+ NSG Commandos + Police Personnel. Each commando is an expert in martial arts and unarmed combat and is equipped with sophisticated MP5 guns and modern communication gadgets. Only 12-17 VIPs in the country are provided with Z+ security. Mukesh Ambani pays for his own Z+ security and it costs him 15-16 lakhs per month. The Gandhis, Yogi Adityanath, and some other VVIPs get this security.

The Z category has a security cover of 22 personnel including 4 or 5 NSG commandos and police personnel, along with one escort car. Z security is provided to Yoga Guru Ramdev and few other actors.

Y+ security is recently in the news as Kangana Ranaut has received the protection. 11 to 22 personnel security personnel will be guarding her. Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) will be responsible for providing security to Kangana.

Y security is not very different from Y+. It has 11 personnel. Y has one gunman for mobile security while Y+ has two for mobile security.

X is the lowest level of security cover, having 2 armed police only and no commandos.

Monday 10 April 2017

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Thursday 30 March 2017

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Work-life balance is a concept including proper prioritizing between “work” and “lifestyle” .
Work-life balance is when your mental, emotional and physical resources are equal to the demands placed upon you, both personal goals and obligations stemming from the responsibility you own yourself, your family and your community.
Work-related stress has become a leading contributor to a myriad of physical health problem ranging from high blood pressure to auto-immune disorder. By keeping your stress levels to a minimum and prioritizing self-care, a balanced life may be the single most important lifestyle change you can make in achieving improved health.

Mental resources + emotional resources + physical resources = achieving your personal goal & fulfilling your responsibilities.

Most people who suffer from working-life imbalance tend to assume the problem is one of time. They often lament, “If only there were more hours in the days!” But while we don’t have control over the passage of time, we do have control over what we do during it. If you feel that you don’t have enough time to achieve your goals and fulfill your responsibilities, then you may need to find additional resources to deal with them.

Recognize the role of work.
Develop one calendar for work and family. Create a daily routine.
Learn to breathe.
Make time for yourself.
Be present, consistent and accountable Exercise and meditate

A crow was sitting on a tree, doing nothing all day. A rabbit asked him, ”Can I also sit like you and do nothing all day long?” The crow answered: “Sure, why not.” So, the rabbit sat on the ground below the crow, and rested.
A fox jumped on the rabbit and ate it.

Moral of the story: To be sitting and doing nothing, you must be sitting very high up

Working evening hours can put stress on your family life and relationships, knowing how to cope with the challenges is the key. Through communicating, dealing with problem early and prioritizing socializing and recreation, shift work will have a smaller impact on your life.

Saturday 25 February 2017

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Kautilya (also known as Chanakya, 350-275 BCE), a pioneer in Diplomacy and Government Administration, Professor of Political Science and Economics in University of Taxila, an Indian Statesman and Philosopher, Chief Advisor and Prime Minister of the Indian Emperor Chandragupta, the first ruler of the Mauryan Empire. A man behind the science of politics - “Arthashastra”.

The Arthashastra gives information about specific topics that are relevant for rulers who wish to run an effective government. Diplomacy and war (including military tactics) are the two points treated in most detail but the work also includes recommendations on law, prisons, taxation, irrigation, agriculture, mining, fortifications, coinage, manufacturing, trade, administrations, diplomacy, and spies.

At the time of Kautilya, India was mostly composed of a number of small independent states, with the exception of the Magadha kingdom, a realm that controlled most of Northern India, which was ruled by the Nanda dynasty. The fame of Kautilya is owed to the important role he played in the fall of the Magadha kingdom and the rise to power of the Mauryan dynasty. In order to accomplish this, he became an ally and loyal servant of Chandragupta, a noble member of the Kshatriya caste, who was related to the Nanda family, but he was an exile. Before he became Chandragupta’s ally, Kautilya was introduced to the Nanda king, who insulted him. Kautilya untied his sikha (lock of hair on male Hindus), and swore he would only tie it back once the Nanda dynasty was destroyed.

Kautilya and Chandragupta raised a small army that lacked sufficient military strength to take the Magadha throne directly. Therefore, Kautilya’s strategies became useful: Chandragupta entered the capital of the Magadha kingdom, Pataliputra, where he triggered a civil war using Kautilya Chanakya’s intelligence network. In 322 BCE Chandragupta finally seized the throne putting an end to the Nanda dynasty and he established the Mauryan dynasty which would rule India until 185 BCE. After this victory, Chandragupta fought and defeated the generals of Alexander the Great located in Gandhara, present day Afghanistan. Following these successful campaigns, Chandragupta was seen as a brave leader who defeated part of the Greek invaders and ended the corrupt Nanda government and thus gained wide public support. Kautilya’s political vision had a heavy influence on Chandragupta, the first Indian ruler who unified Northern India under a single political unit for the first time in history. Even today, the Arthashastra is the number one classic of diplomacy in India and, within this category, it is one of the most complete works of antiquity. A number of institutions in India such as universities and diplomatic offices have been named after Kautilya in honour of his work.

Prof. Gautham Shanmugam
Director, Bureaucrats Education Private Limited
For more details visit

Thursday 22 December 2016

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J.JAYALALITHA the Actor,Administrator,political leader and THE  21st century Cleopatra of Tamil  Nadu

J JAYALALITHA was born in a tamil iyengar family in mysore,Karnataka in february 24th  1948.just an year after india’s independence and also the real independence of many Indian women caught by the disadvantage of being a women In a society were it was looked as a burden and many social evils which mostly affected women.Jayalalittha became the representative of south Indian women aspirations and dreams .  even after her death she has affected the masses by her sudden demise .she began her journey in life in mysore were she was named komalavalli by her parents after her grandmothers name . She did her schooling at a bishop cotton higher secondary school.she did excel at academics and become a school topper in tenth standard board examination .she discontinued her studies at eleventh standard. she had her ambition to become a lawyer  but her destiny had other ideas as she had to enter the film industry accidentally due to pressure from her mother .

JAYALALITHA THE ACTOR had a great film career spanning almost two decades even though she debuted in a kannada movie CHINNADA GOUMBE.she acted mostly in tamil films earning praise from people and filmgoers .Her tamil movies ayirathil oruvan and adimai penn won her recognition and fame in tamil film industry .but her association with MGR and her screen space with him as the leading lady for almost 27 films later proved to be a pathway for her into politics, with the help of the charisma and the screen presence that made her one of the most recognizable and revered stars in the film industry , though there had been many affairs regarding jayalalitha and mgr she acknowledged him as her guide and  rumors posted about them and her association with other male stars, she did rise above them and proved them wrong and that to in her own style .she was bold ,defiant and confident in her approach  and was even admired for her courage by the late mgr himself .

Her entry into politics was not the profession chosen once again by her as she was nominated by her political leader and guru who believed in her education and English speaking skills .hence she was nominated by her leader mgr as a rajya sabha mp .she was again nominated in a post as a propaganda secretary by her mentor in the world Tamil conference in madurai in 1987, but once she was into it she never looked back and also wanted and strived to make a name of herself in whatever field she was thrown into she came back with overwhelming success.her grit and determination to bring back the old strong organization structure of aiadmk when it became a fledgling unit with a split in the party and she came back as an opposition leader in 1989 assembly elections .the incident in which she became a full fledged politician in which her  indomitable spirit was shown to her followers which was due to the incident were her clothes were torn and her hair was pulled by DMK MPs caused public outrage and anguish from people in tamil nadu and add to that the public sympathy of the death of Rajiv Gandhi and her coalition with the congress in 1996  earned her rich dividends politically.she rode herself to power for the first time and then her corruption scandals in her first term in disproportionate assets case , 100 crore big fat wedding of her adopted son , tanci case , etc and her relationship with sasikala and their direct indulgence in her day to day affairs of the government  had  made it  test people’s patience as they showed her the door in the subsequent elections in 1996 by even making her lose her own MLA seat .

       But yes even in her first term a few noteworthy things were done like the all women police station ,free cycles to girls and mass wedding of women below poverty line and their dowry expenses borne by her etc .in which she again proved that she was not only a powerful women leader but also she took keen interests in the welfare of the women and the upliftment and empowerment of women from all classes , rich, poor , castes ,religions, etc. and it did become her core constituency of voters till her last breath.

                       When everyone did write her off , she made an astounding comeback with a electoral victory by stitching together an alliance electorally powerful as she rode to power again to be dismissed due to her earlier corruption scandals as it did haunt her again and again at inconvenient time when she had the people’s mandate  majority or in her critics or political opponents words her followers mandate. Her indecisiveness in going ahead with sacking government employees and their reduction in their salary pay became a political blunder and her party men riots in the Dharmapuri bus firing , Coimbatore riots , by her partymen when she was convicted by the trial court became an united opposition war cry to oust her from power .as the opposition stood strong she used her political wit gained from her past election experiences made sure the DMK government to be formed became a minority in the 2006 assembly elections and add to that the dmk’s sudden populist decisions such a free colour tv ,free gas stove and one rupee rice  elected him to power.

         In  her thid term she created the successful and the most populist scheme of her regime the AMMA brand were AMMA RESTAURANTS,AMMA SALT ,AMMA CEMENT ,AMMA MARKET,AMMA WATER BOTTLE ,AMMA RICE,AMMA THEATRES,AMMA MINI BUSES ETC. it did make it politically relevant by appealing to the poor masses but it also did drain the state economy further after the populist regime of dmk with free tv,free stoves ,etc by the dmk government .the tamil nadu state budget deficit crossed to over 9000 crore  and also the debt burden has crossed over 2 lakh crore . this has severely drained the states economy. And also the Chennai floods in the year 2015 and her governments deep slumber which was its official reaction at that time and her stickers applied in the flood relief materials at the time of emergency were food supplies were in demand caused public tirade which turned towards her .she did manage to scrape through the 2016 assembly elections thanks to her political acumen with the experience of many bitterly fought elections.

She also had her flaws  like her political mentor MGR as she hid her health condition from  her  people who elected her many times as a public figure it was her duty to reveal her status of her health and also even she was unable to control the corruption and riots done by her party men and ministers as she was herself caught in many corruption scandals which did threaten her political career. These were the same blemishes her mentor MGR committed himself with the exception of any direct involvement in corruption or being convicted at that time .but jayalalitha did successfully manage to cling to her image of a messiah in public life and as leader for the downtrodden people.
But she left the people and her party men , followers in the beginning of her term. Her demise is a large vacuum unfilled in national politics. But she was the Cleopatra for the tamil people as she won people with her beauty and gracefulness in films and also she won the people’s heart and admiration by her intelligence and shrewdness in politics  and administration.



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