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In India, security details are provided to some high-risk individuals by the police and local government. Depending on the threat perception to the person, the category is divided into six tiers: SPG Force, Z+, Z, Y+, Y, and X.

The Indian Special Protection Group (SPG) provides proximate security to the Prime Minister of India and members of their immediate families anywhere in the world. While the actual strength is classified, anywhere above 3000 personnel might be in this unit. Taxpayers pay 1.62 crores per day for this security.

Z+ is the highest category security in India. It offers a security cover of 55 personnel, including 10+ NSG Commandos + Police Personnel. Each commando is an expert in martial arts and unarmed combat and is equipped with sophisticated MP5 guns and modern communication gadgets. Only 12-17 VIPs in the country are provided with Z+ security. Mukesh Ambani pays for his own Z+ security and it costs him 15-16 lakhs per month. The Gandhis, Yogi Adityanath, and some other VVIPs get this security.

The Z category has a security cover of 22 personnel including 4 or 5 NSG commandos and police personnel, along with one escort car. Z security is provided to Yoga Guru Ramdev and few other actors.

Y+ security is recently in the news as Kangana Ranaut has received the protection. 11 to 22 personnel security personnel will be guarding her. Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) will be responsible for providing security to Kangana.

Y security is not very different from Y+. It has 11 personnel. Y has one gunman for mobile security while Y+ has two for mobile security.

X is the lowest level of security cover, having 2 armed police only and no commandos.


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