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J.JAYALALITHA the Actor,Administrator,political leader and THE  21st century Cleopatra of Tamil  Nadu

J JAYALALITHA was born in a tamil iyengar family in mysore,Karnataka in february 24th  1948.just an year after india’s independence and also the real independence of many Indian women caught by the disadvantage of being a women In a society were it was looked as a burden and many social evils which mostly affected women.Jayalalittha became the representative of south Indian women aspirations and dreams .  even after her death she has affected the masses by her sudden demise .she began her journey in life in mysore were she was named komalavalli by her parents after her grandmothers name . She did her schooling at a bishop cotton higher secondary school.she did excel at academics and become a school topper in tenth standard board examination .she discontinued her studies at eleventh standard. she had her ambition to become a lawyer  but her destiny had other ideas as she had to enter the film industry accidentally due to pressure from her mother .

JAYALALITHA THE ACTOR had a great film career spanning almost two decades even though she debuted in a kannada movie CHINNADA GOUMBE.she acted mostly in tamil films earning praise from people and filmgoers .Her tamil movies ayirathil oruvan and adimai penn won her recognition and fame in tamil film industry .but her association with MGR and her screen space with him as the leading lady for almost 27 films later proved to be a pathway for her into politics, with the help of the charisma and the screen presence that made her one of the most recognizable and revered stars in the film industry , though there had been many affairs regarding jayalalitha and mgr she acknowledged him as her guide and  rumors posted about them and her association with other male stars, she did rise above them and proved them wrong and that to in her own style .she was bold ,defiant and confident in her approach  and was even admired for her courage by the late mgr himself .

Her entry into politics was not the profession chosen once again by her as she was nominated by her political leader and guru who believed in her education and English speaking skills .hence she was nominated by her leader mgr as a rajya sabha mp .she was again nominated in a post as a propaganda secretary by her mentor in the world Tamil conference in madurai in 1987, but once she was into it she never looked back and also wanted and strived to make a name of herself in whatever field she was thrown into she came back with overwhelming success.her grit and determination to bring back the old strong organization structure of aiadmk when it became a fledgling unit with a split in the party and she came back as an opposition leader in 1989 assembly elections .the incident in which she became a full fledged politician in which her  indomitable spirit was shown to her followers which was due to the incident were her clothes were torn and her hair was pulled by DMK MPs caused public outrage and anguish from people in tamil nadu and add to that the public sympathy of the death of Rajiv Gandhi and her coalition with the congress in 1996  earned her rich dividends politically.she rode herself to power for the first time and then her corruption scandals in her first term in disproportionate assets case , 100 crore big fat wedding of her adopted son , tanci case , etc and her relationship with sasikala and their direct indulgence in her day to day affairs of the government  had  made it  test people’s patience as they showed her the door in the subsequent elections in 1996 by even making her lose her own MLA seat .

       But yes even in her first term a few noteworthy things were done like the all women police station ,free cycles to girls and mass wedding of women below poverty line and their dowry expenses borne by her etc .in which she again proved that she was not only a powerful women leader but also she took keen interests in the welfare of the women and the upliftment and empowerment of women from all classes , rich, poor , castes ,religions, etc. and it did become her core constituency of voters till her last breath.

                       When everyone did write her off , she made an astounding comeback with a electoral victory by stitching together an alliance electorally powerful as she rode to power again to be dismissed due to her earlier corruption scandals as it did haunt her again and again at inconvenient time when she had the people’s mandate  majority or in her critics or political opponents words her followers mandate. Her indecisiveness in going ahead with sacking government employees and their reduction in their salary pay became a political blunder and her party men riots in the Dharmapuri bus firing , Coimbatore riots , by her partymen when she was convicted by the trial court became an united opposition war cry to oust her from power .as the opposition stood strong she used her political wit gained from her past election experiences made sure the DMK government to be formed became a minority in the 2006 assembly elections and add to that the dmk’s sudden populist decisions such a free colour tv ,free gas stove and one rupee rice  elected him to power.

       In  her thid term she created the successful and the most populist scheme of her regime the AMMA brand were AMMA RESTAURANTS,AMMA SALT ,AMMA CEMENT ,AMMA MARKET,AMMA WATER BOTTLE ,AMMA RICE,AMMA THEATRES,AMMA MINI BUSES ETC. it did make it politically relevant by appealing to the poor masses but it also did drain the state economy further after the populist regime of dmk with free tv,free stoves ,etc by the dmk government .the tamil nadu state budget deficit crossed to over 9000 crore  and also the debt burden has crossed over 2 lakh crore . this has severely drained the states economy. And also the Chennai floods in the year 2015 and her governments deep slumber which was its official reaction at that time and her stickers applied in the flood relief materials at the time of emergency were food supplies were in demand caused public tirade which turned towards her .she did manage to scrape through the 2016 assembly elections thanks to her political acumen with the experience of many bitterly fought elections.

She also had her flaws  like her political mentor MGR as she hid her health condition from  her  people who elected her many times as a public figure it was her duty to reveal her status of her health and also even she was unable to control the corruption and riots done by her party men and ministers as she was herself caught in many corruption scandals which did threaten her political career. These were the same blemishes her mentor MGR committed himself with the exception of any direct involvement in corruption or being convicted at that time .but jayalalitha did successfully manage to cling to her image of a messiah in public life and as leader for the downtrodden people.
But she left the people and her party men , followers in the beginning of her term. Her demise is a large vacuum unfilled in national politics. But she was the Cleopatra for the tamil people as she won people with her beauty and gracefulness in films and also she won the people’s heart and admiration by her intelligence and shrewdness in politics  and administration.



  1. whole biograpgy of jaylalita mam in this article wow, her struggle in life, achievement etc, very nice information India is blessed by such great women.

  2. whole biograpgy of jaylalita mam in this article wow, her struggle in life, achievement etc, very nice information India is blessed by such great women.

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