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Android marshmallow v6.0 is the latest version of mobile OS android which was presented at Google I/O in July and available as developer preview for Google nexus devices like nexus 5,6,7 and 9. The final build was released in October along with the launch of two nexuses 5X and 6P. This version precedes Lollipop which was launch last year bring a complete overhaul of design and other features. However this version is simply an upgrade than an overhaul. It can be dubbed as android 5.2 rather than 6.0 , but still Google can iterate the number the way they want and no one is going to worried by that.  Despite being a minor update from lollipop it has some cool new features that are worth updating. Now lets look at the Top 5 features marshmallow has that lollipop doesn't.

This is undoubtedly the coolest thing Google had introduced over this year not only in android. It just shows the way Google have supremacy over all others when it comes to searching. It is in fact highly  intuitive and shows cards based on what reads in the screen. To activate it just long press the home button and flash the cards are available. Google claims it to be so great that it can read the sentence and understand what is that you are reading but in reality is doesn't it fails a lot of times to show the right cards on the screen. Its just like siri at first which got a lost of miss than hits. Still its new and could go all the way to being the smartest thing in search. With more data it can become more intuitive can live to its expectation. This is the main important feature that Google incorporated into marshmallow thus getting the first spot.

2.App permission

This is a really useful feature especially form the users perspective who now hold all the control over things he like to share with the apps. Earlier in all version of lollipop the user have to give all the permission to the  app in order to install it. But now the user can install an app without giving any permission and the app may request it when it needs and you may accept or deny.  but still all the app are not designed for this version and you may not be able to use this the way you want.

3.DOZE Feature

This is the features that android lack over ios i.e the battery life in standby mode. Atlast Google has removed his Achilles heel over his arch-nemesis apple's ios. this features puts the android phone into a deep sleep state when it is not used and saves a lot of battery juice when picked up next morning. If you go to sleep with battery at 15% in night you may not find your phone's battery dead in the morning. This feature actually works and its a major improvement for android.

4.Volume controls

Atlast Google now have a volume control it must have had from this first. Its simplified to the core as now you can access all the volume for phone,media and alarm in the main screen itself and the donot disturb features too simplified and put in quick access. Finally something to rejoice it volume control department which was annoying in android for a long time.

5.Other small tweaks...
There are many other small tweaks like the long press of the settings icon lets to open System UI tuner. where you can decide what to be placed in quick access and status bar. Who taught this features would be in a stock android but it is!!!!. The app drawer has become vertical scroll and is it really good. the long press of the menu icon lets you open the app drawer with search keyboard on. frequently used apps are placed in a special place at top. These are some cool new features that marshmallow has worth mentioning.

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