Saturday 21 December 2013

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1 .Morning without having eaten the food being ! 
People who do not take breakfast in the morning there will be a lower blood sugar level . Without the necessary nutrients and energy needed to make it to the brain , the brain is responsible for the destruction

2 .Too much to eat ! 
It tightens the blood vessels in the brain cause the brain to reduce the power factor.

3 .Smoking !
It will shrink the brain size and ,Alzheimer lead to illness .

4 .Eating a lot of sugar !
Eating a lot of sugar , protein and prevents buildup in our body . it will affect the brain development.

5 .Air pollution !
If we Breath polluted air it leads to lack of oxygen in brain and less oxygen leads to affect the brain.

6 .Insomnia !
Good Sleep allows our brain to rest.Less sleep will causes long defects on the brain.

7 .Covered head to sleep !
 If we Covered head to sleep ,the carbon dioxide level will increase . This reduces the oxygen you breathe . Low oxygen affects the brain .

8 .Diseased brains in time to give !
In diseased Times if we give more work and study will affecting the brain . after the body get well it will give the best brains .

9 .Brain will work the lack of ideas !
Over thinking leads the brain to get new connections in the nervous system that will make the brain hard.

10 .Being silent !
The brain increases the strength of intellectual conversations .


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