Friday 27 December 2013

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aap party

The aap’s spectacular performance in the legislative assembly  polls has surprised many ,it has not been an easy journey having been accused of being the b team of the congress by  bjp and congress labeling aap as the b team of bjp.

with the landslide victory of the bjp in madhya pradesh ,chattisgarh ,rajasthan and in delhi coming so close to victory but stopped by the aap from returing to power at delhi after 15 years had become a dream unaccomplished for the bjp, and the virtual reality of congress losing the 2014 polls in the coming lok sabha polls has become a reality whether the nda forms the government or the reality of a hung assembly still looming large if the nda and its constituents do not make it to the mission 272+. The regional parties aim to make a so called third front with each regional parties combined to form a formidable force  is remain to be seen .

The  aap which has done one great thing is that  by bringing  transparency into the party system and it has compelled the national parties and the other regional parties to raise the bar. The  revamping the electioneering system by giving details about the funding of the party by revealing the details of the people it received cheque or cash whether an nri or delhi resident as it has directly gone to the people rather than being  funding from the corporates or black money from different sources. the volunteers who are the ones to be really applauded for their work that needs to be saluted as students have taken absence from their respective institutions and the software professionals and others who devoted time for their electoral work and their belief that they can make the impossible happen, as the door to door campaign was not a cakewalk.

The another positive aspect is by bringing in the common man directly into play in the  electoral developments and the government formation this has caught the eye of the common man and finally becoming a game changer, and finally it has proved the powerful corrupt politicians and corporates that they are no more pseudo activists who as a party who were considered as targeting the  powerful political class and corporates by displaying their details of properties sold and brought through corrupt and illegal practices  and  it has also showed it has expanded its support base by reaching out to ,upper middle class, middle class ,poor ,and downtrodden people ever since the india against corruption movement started and then  weakened itself and an aggressive campaigning for jan lokpal was necessary to make it possible to  be tabled and implemented in the parliament. the rest happened in delhi 2013 polls will be history ,as the aap has decided to form the government at delhi with support of congress as aap has given a chance itself to showcase its ability that  it can fulfill promises  that it has made(bijli,paani) as it poses a real challenge for the party. but aap and its broom symbol has swept delhi though a short of majority and promised to clean the corrupt system .i to as a common man eagerly await from down southern part of this great country along with the curious  Indian republic as we all can’t wait to watch the proceedings hereafter. let’s hope for the best as there is a ray of  hope .
This Article was written by: S.B.K.Balaji


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