Sunday 29 September 2013

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According to the survey these people are the world most powerful people in the world.This people have powerful leadership they can change the world.these peoples are from different fields like Politics,government,leader,business,priest they have power and they can rule the world.

1. Barack Obama — 44th President of the USA

Barack Obama

2. Angela Merkel — 8th Chancellor of Germany

Angela Merkel

3. Vladimir Putin — President of Russia

Vladimir Putin

4. Bill Gates — Chairman of Microsoft

Bill Gates

5. Pope Benedict XVI — 265th Pope of Roman Catholic Church

Pope Benedict XVI

6. Ben Bernanke — 14th Chairman of the Federal Reserve

Ben Bernanke

7. Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz — 6th King of Saudi Arabia

Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz

8. Mario Draghi — President of the European Central Bank

Mario Draghi

9. Xi Jinping — President of China

Xi Jinping

10. David Cameron — Prime Minister of the UK

David Cameron



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