Friday 13 September 2013

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"Unstoppable Modi" has been announced the PM candidate for BJP and NDA(with clearance form sena and Akali Dal). The expectation was high from the morning as news circulated that modi is all set to be crowned. The announcement took place around 6:35 pm(13/9/13) after the BJP's parlimentary board decided on Modi's name. The announcement was made by party president rajnath singh to the media where modi is seated next to him along with senior leaders like sushma,M M Joshi and others. Advani has skipped the meet in protest over this announcement. But the party president maintains that there is consensus in this decision. Rajnath told media that Modi will go to advani house to seek his blessing.This will be rather a half-nod rather than a conversing one.

This is an important announcement keeping in mind the assembly election to be held in December which is a rehearsal for the final showdown in 2014. Modi being a popular leader in India with many polls showing that he stands the highest chance of becoming the PM. This popularity is very crucial for BJP chances for winning the next election. Modi is the trump card that BJP has to use if they have to come to power in 2104. Modi others side is what the opposition will like to attack by projecting him as a polarizing figure and bringing back 2002 to public domain. Modi on the other hand will project Gujarat model of development ,a united India growth and Na-mo model to public.

It is going to a exciting election where it is most likely to be a Presidential type election of Modi-Rahul battle. The congress though yet to announce Rahul might soon follow BJP in this regard.

The Events unfolded today is(13/9/13):

8:30 am: Gadkari to make last bid to convince Modi 

9.10 am: No info on BJP meet, says Advani camp 

9.30 am: Gadkari, Ram Lal meet Rajnath 

9.50 am: Shiv Sena backs Modi as PM candidate 

10.00 am: MM Joshi leaves for MP 

10.05 am: Announcement on Modi soon: BS Shastri 

10.15 am: BJP parliamentary board meeting unlikely 

10.25 am: Gadkari, Balbir Punj arrive at Adavani's residence 

10.35: Shiv Sena backing Modi, confirms Sanjay Raut 

10.50 am: Advani to attend BJP board meeting: Report 

11.05 am: Go ahead with Modi announcement: RSS tells BJP 

11.20 am: Advani has agreed on Modi: CP Thakur 

11.40 am: Ananth Kumar meets Swaraj 

11.50 am: Rajnath summons MP CM 

12.06 pm: Modi as BJP's PM candidate no threat: Congress 

12.15 am: Gadkari, Advani meeting over 

12.30 pm: Modi to attend BJP parliamentary board meet 

12.40 pm: Gadkari, Ananth Kumar meet Swaraj 

1.50 pm: Rajnath Singh tells allies Narendra Modi is BJP's PM candidate 

2.50 pm: Will attend BJP board meeting: MM Joshi 

3.40 pm: Modi heads to Delhi 

4.30 pm: Modi heads to Delhi, BJP board meet at 5.30 pm 

4.50 pm: Modi likely to meet Advani ahead of BJP board meet 

4.55 pm: Advani to attend BJP board meet: Rajnath 

5.00 pm: Modi arrives in Delhi, celebrations begin outside BJP offices 

5.40 pm: Rajanth Singh along with other senior party leaders arrive at the BJP office for the meeting. 
6.05 pm: BJP meet begins, Advani not present 
6.25 pm: Modi arrives at BJP headquarters 

6.35 pm: BJP president apoints Modi as PM candidate 

Today could be an "Historic Day" in Indian politics and for India and it lies in Modi's hand to prove that right.


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