Thursday 20 December 2012

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samsung apple nokia Apple And Samsung Beat Nokia As Largest Smartphone Makers

Since the Years going on there was Rise in mobile phone Products around the world.For 14 Year the NOKIA holds Top 1 Rank In the Mobile Phone product.But now it has changed. The SAMSUNG Inc set To seize the Mobile phone Market  in top rank.Global smartphone shipments are set to rise by 35.5 percent this year, while overall cellphone shipments will increase by approximately 1 percent. This rapid growth will propel 2012 smartphone penetration to 47 percent, up from 35 percent in 2011.


The Samsung are now the best smart phone sellers in rank 1.In Olden Days the Samsung phones was running by BADA and WINDOWS OS.The biggest secret is the Samsung has changed to ANDROID Os to their most of their new phones.The Android is Best Operating System Now a Days And people are more likely to buy Android powered Phone.There are many Application,Entertainment And Fun in Android Os they are keeping upgrading .so every on are keep interesting on Android and the biggest advantage is the Android is maintained by GOOGLE Inc.The Samsung Introducing several upgraded and newly Parts and that also could help to Improve thus the Secret Behind the Raise Of SAMSUNG.


In past Years Nokia is best Mobile Phone sellers among the wireless communications they had maintained 30% in the year 2011 but in 2012 they were in 24%.the reason behind this was OS.the Nokia phones was Operating in Symbian OS it Not all suitable for Now days they have Many Errors and not updated it fails to attract the users.The Windows OS is Just Okay.But the Quality of Nokia Phone are Very Excellent .Now I Wonder About the Quality Of Nokia they were maintaining Still Now.but they have concentrate in OS and Upgraded.


Apple was Nice Phone it has nice hardware,OS,Quality But Why Not Come Top 1 Because the Only thing is Cost.Apple phones Cost High.So Every One Cannot Buy.this will slow up their Rise.
HTC was developing company and its competition was healthy with other HTC also have much Capable to qualify to Top1.
LG is also a developing they have well talent to Qualify to Top 1 But the Main Thing is Hard Work!!!


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