Friday 2 November 2012

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1. Darken your screen

Your laptop screen is found to be the most power-hungry component of your laptop. Your laptop screen needs high amount of battery power to maintain it’s clear and luminous display. To preserve this power you can adjust it’s brightness to a low level.

2. Modify power settings

Windows Vista powered laptop comes with several outstanding power features. It can help you get the most proficient performance when your laptop is plugged and optimize it’s life when it’s on the move.

3. Turn off Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is among the greatest battery power eater. It weakens your laptop’s battery from perpetually absorbing power from the battery even if your not online. If you are using your laptop outside from the wireless network it is more advisable to just turn off your Wi-Fi to save some power. If your laptop doesn’t have a function button to switch on or off your wireless adapter you can just go to control panel, access the Network Connections and disable it from there.

4. Switch off peripheral devices

USB sticks, mouse and webcams are the primary offenders in sucking out your batteries life.  Utilizing USB devices also contributes in draining your laptop’s power, disconnecting it when not in use, ejecting your devices as soon as possible and switching off your laptop’s inbuilt webcam can help conserve your laptop’s precious power.

5. Eject your disc drives

Having a disc spinning around in the drive also drains your resources. Just kick out your discs from the drive before you switch to battery power to acquire additional minutes from your work day.

6. Invest in some computer hardware

Usually laptops come with a six cell-battery, but a lot of makers today already provides eight or even 12-cell elective upgrades, which will definitely double your power. If you can afford it then why not invest more,  in the long run you will be surprise on how much energy and money you save just by investing on the right piece.

7. Disable features

Windows Vista has got new features, but most of them proves to be needless by a ordinary user or even to some expert users. One good example is the Windows Aero, switching it off not only it will help you save a small amount of power but it will also make your laptop more proficient.


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