Monday 29 October 2012

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The Indian Grand Prix Formula One Race was held today with Sebastian vettel at the pole position clinching the title with ease as he defended his title which he won last year at the same venue.Vettel leads the over standing for F1 title with 240 points 13 more Alonso with three more races left this season.

The race had 60 Laps and when vettel when completed 42 Laps he surpassed Jim Clark on all on the all-time consecutive laps led list. Senna has all time record of leading 264 consecutive laps.

The Top Ten Finish of the Indian GP are:

First: Sebastian vettel
Second: Alonso
Third: Mark Webber
Fourth: Lewis Hamilton
Fifth:  Jenson Button
Sixth: Felipe Massa
Seventh: Kimi Raiokkonen
Eighth:  Hulkenbeg
Ninth: Romain Grosjean
Tenth: Willams` Bruno Senna
India's Naren karthikeyan finished 21st. Redbull leads with 13 points in constructor standing.

Let us hope to see Indian GP happen every year and see an indian or force India driver finish at the top.



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