Wednesday 31 October 2012

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Noble Prize is the most prestigious Award available in the field of literature,Physics,Chemistry,Peace,Economy, Physiology and was first awarded in the year 1901 due to the will of Swedish philanthropist inventor Alfred noble.As of today the price is worth US$1.2 million.More than the money the prestige of winning a noble prize is more.

In the year 2012 the noble prizes were awarded in the fields. Literature,Physics,Chemistry,Peace,Economy, Physiology and medicine.

Literature:Mo Yan(china) for his work "with hallucinatory realism merges folk tales, history and contemporary"

Physics:serge haroche(France),David J Wineland(USA) for "ground-breaking experimental methods that enable measuring and manipulation of individual quantum systems", a study of the particle of light, the photon.

Chemistry:Robert Lefkowitz(USA), Brian Kobilka(USA) for G-Protein couple receptor.

Peace:European Union(27 countries) for maintaining a good relation among European countries and peace in that region.

Economy:Alvin E.Roth(USA), Lloyd Shapley(USA) for contributions to the fields of game theory, market design and experimental economics.
The noble prizes have encouraged many young scientist to do research for growth of people and the belief that their hard work will be recognized one day.

Hope noble prizes will be given all years and new historic invention that help people and not destroy people will be invented.

Indian's are quite spectators in receiving the awards as only few have touched this global award and hope in the coming years many and many Indian's will get this awards for sure.



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