Sunday 21 October 2012

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Famous conservationist, Steve Irwin, wants to be fed to his favorite crocodile, Bindi, after his death according to his last will.

The famous conservationist and wildlife expert, who claimed worldwide fame from the television series ‘The Crocodile Hunter’, wants himself to be fed to his pet crocodile after he dies. Due to his love and passion for crocodiles he was also known as crocodile man. He once raised a roar of controversy as he went into the cage along with his 1 month old son and feds the crocodiles.

Steve died an astonishing death when he was pierced by stingray barb while filming the documentary named ‘Ocean’s deadliest’. The guy didn’t stop at amazing people even after his death as staff members of the Australia Zoo, where Steve worked, claimed that Steve’s last wish was that he wanted his body to be fed to his favorite crocodile, Bindi.

This news stirred up the media as it portrayed the jaw dropping craze of Steve towards crocodiles. The death ceremony was however held privately and Steve was buried somewhere in the open ground of the Australia Zoo. The place was kept secret according to Steve’s will and so very few people know about the original place where he was buried.

Regarding the truthfulness of the rumor that he wanted his body to be fed to crocodiles is negated by his wife Terry Irwin. Terry issued a statement through Steve’s lawyer in which she claimed that, ”Such allegations are not only offensive but are baseless and without any foundation in truth whatsoever,” So the rumors regarding the last will of Steve were counteracted by his wife Terry.


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