Sunday 21 October 2012

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One of the most advanced nations of the world still has some touch of medieval times as Japan is the world’s largest frog’s leg exporter.

The land of the Samurais’ is filled with a glooming history. The country which is known as the “Land of the Rising Sun” has changed tremendously after the Second World War. Japan has turned itself into a hub of modern technology and does not only export high-tech electronic products but is also the world’s largest exporter of frog’s legs!

It may sound bizarre but it is true, as frog legs are used in French and Cantonese cuisines. Every year 40 million dollars worth of frog legs are traded internationally with most countries participating in it. The top importers of frog’s legs are France, Belgium and USA. According to a report, the World consumes at least 3.2 billion frogs every year.

Over the years, the frog industry in Japan had increased significantly because of the increase in the international demand for the amphibian but that does not prevent it from the keen eyes of conservationists who are demanding that this onslaught of frogs should be stopped or else some species of frogs can go extinct. David Bickford of the National University of Singapore and his colleagues have called for a regulation to stop this overexploitation of frogs.

Whether this industry will come to a halt at some point or not, only time will tell. Upon noticing the Annual Exports Report of Japan, you would not help but crack a laugh, as in the list of high-tech electronics, luxury cars, and plenty of other astounding products, there is an unusual column of frog’s legs.



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