Sunday 21 October 2012

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A Japanese company called ‘Niban Too Corporation’ has created a portable steel toilet bowl to sustain all your bathroom needs, anywhere you go.

You can read and watch loads of weird and amazing gadgets appearing on websites and televisions. From the Internet Friendly Urinal to Honda’s Ultimate Sex Robot, all these weird gadgets contain a mixture of creativity, oddness and a striking power to make you laugh off of your couch.

“Gotta Go Briefcase” is just another gadget of the sort. You can call it a portable toilet too. Niban Too Corporation, a Japanese company is the creator of this strange gadget. It is made up of luxurious mahogany leather containing everything you’d need in a bathroom.  A pop-out toilet paper roll, hand sanitizer dispenser, cup holder, and even a mirror is available in this handy briefcase.

According to its makers, it is built to provide better time efficiency in such a competitive market. The Maximum weight capacity is 80 kg and if the weight capacity is exceeded all its warranties will be nullified. This gadget stands first on many website rankings for portable gadgets.

While you can save time and improve job performance, the only flaw in this gadget is the cost of ignoring your own privacy as you need to find a place to use this gadget. The skin of the briefcase is leather proof and it has foldable handles at both sides to give you a slight feeling of confidentiality. Although the gadget wasn’t a hit, it surely provides workaholic people on-the-go-toilet facility to save time.



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