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Simple tips and technics to keep your body fit and healthy

Being healthy is something everybody wants. Was wondering if there is a magic wand.. whooosh, I am slim, fit and healthy. Well thats a nice imagination, but is there a way or maybe an easier way to turn healhty. This definitely takes time. Need some dedication, motivation, to meticulously follow a regimen.
You can follow certain simple and easy technics which will help you turn fit and healthy. Have you decided to go for it! then read on.
- Most people plan for tomorrow, next week or next month. I seriously suggest... start right now. Just stretch ur feet, stand up on your toes and lift your hands, stretch, stretch stretch. Yes, there you got it started now. if you have to do it, just do it now.
- Wake up a bit early, pull your pants up and start walking out. If not like an exercise, just take a stroll. Go where you like, spend sometime out in the morning. You can opt to buy milk, vegetables, newspaper or whatever... just go out. Slowly increase the speed of your walk, gradually to more distance. Go to a farther shop to buy things.
- Follow the Golden Rule - Breakfast like a KING, Lunch like a PRINCE and Dinner like a PAUPER. Keep your dinner very light, avoid cheese, butter, curd or any other fat products.
- Breathe in and breathe out deeply whenever your remember. Do simple stretching exercises.
- Last of all... Dont worry.. Be happy. Stress can cause lifestyle diseases. Be away from stress. Life is short, enjoy every moment of it.
Eat to lose weight : Eating right can help you knock off those extra pounds.
Sleep Right for healthy weight loss You hit the gym four times a week. You conciously watch what you eat. But your weight does not seem to be budging. The reason could be those late nights .
An easy guide to lose body fat quick and naturally: We can lose weight by consuming the body fat loss diet with recommended caloric value and regular exercise.
Treatment for low back pain: Low back pain is a common issue among computer surfers and bike riders. These are a few simple exercises which will help relieve low back pain.
Balance your spine - Stretch: Learn how to sit, stand, move and exercise in a balanced manner to reduce the neck and lower back pain to a great extent.
Daily Healthy Habits: Healthy habits that can be followed in daily routine life. These habits will improve blood circulation in the body and also increases the energy levels.
Workplace Workouts: Keep yourself fresh and energetic during work hours. These simple and easy methods can be followed for complete relaxation of the entire body.
Tips and Technics to Treat your eyes: Most computer users suffer from the problem of tired eyes, dark circles and headaches. Follow these ten tips to avoid them.
Keep a watch on your wasteline for a healthy living: Expanding wastelines could become hazardous.
Get rid of unwanted hair: Because the amount of body hair varies considerably from woman to woman and there is a wide range that is considered normal, someone may think she has excessive hair but not be considered hirsute
Treatment for eyes : Home remedies for puffed eyes and dark circles. Treat your eyes for a rejuvenated and refreshing appearance
Summer Care - Beat the heat with fruit juices: Juices of grapes, watermelon, banana, jack fruit, lemon and pineapple are essential during summer.
Summer Care - How to avoid Heat exhaustion: Avoid Heat Exhaustion by consuming lot of water and eating more fruits and vegetables.
Tips to treat tired eyes: Most computer users suffer from the problem of tired eyes, dark circles and headaches. Follow these ten tips to avoid them.


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