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Money makes the world go round. A cheeky line to start what’s gonna come ahead. Many of the people really wonder. WHAT IS MANAGEMENT? HOW MANAGEMENT WORKS? WHY MANAGEMENT? IS MANAGEMENT BORING? WHAT WILL I GAIN IN IT? These are the questions which are often put towards the face of organizational management. Since management plays a vital role in modern world. It brings (or) sparks interest in the young minds. Management is an interesting field where it is capable of practising (or) combining ART, SCIENCE and CRAFT meets a point of new interception of individual skill development. It clearly depends upon Innovation, Imagination and Creativity is main building blocks in the aspect of good management.

                     According to my point of perspective towards management is a tricky and brilliant way of dealing with things (or) people with sportive attitude. Where interpersonal skills are applied interims of minds are used inventory and improvement of business and organization. It invokes creating and implementation of new ideas for the better enhancement of management ethics. But for every relevant manner the management deals with ART and SCIENCE of 40:60 ratio with balancing amount (or) exchange of blows and trades.

                    One of the biggest optimising aspecting facts in management is that it is capable of adapting to any persons unique style and in under any circumstances this valuable point can be HARNESSED. Management has a brighter side in the competitive marketing field by where your skills are put to the test by attracting consumers and by increasing in the quality, production of supply and demand according to the environmental requirement. Trading markets is the CROWN JEWEL of modern management.

                   Many theory’s regarding management where proposed by philosopher’s with respect to their research and development on their view of improving management. Their theory’s where put to the test and their analysis on management has brought many changes and shows how management truly operates and the nature of the management is an independent medium to the will of the user .not every course grants this kind of freedom for the users.

                 Management sparks an interest by comforting the basic requirements of an individual person by the means of bringing them into the comfort zone and satisfying (or) fulfilment of their demands. But its basing is more intriguing than that of the requirements .it mainly focuses on the challenging nature and finds a new possibility for solving problems. Which it satisfies the saying “LIFE IS EITHER A DARING ADVENTURE OR NOTHING AT ALL”. With the art of risk taking skill is developed as an assurance as a safety and calculative measure of decision making “it’s better to be safe than sorry”. 

Another popular question frequently asked in by many professionals WHY MANAGEMENT AFTER ENGINEERING/B.COM/B.SC/VISCOM…..?.answer to it lies in each personal  reasons for shifting of domains where for  every set of questions answer lies in the question .as particular management is flexible in nature and can support any type of field you may be good in core  knowledge but what’s the point in having it if you don’t know to applying  it in a planned manner (or) a more effect way of bringing outcomes   with notable performance change .imagine this engineering +management can bring a new term of management with a balance  of technical and logical intellectual thinking and applying for innovative ways of improvising the economy standards. Or simply to put what engineers know management students are not fond of similarly what managing candidate know engineers have a blind knowledge about it. On the contrary side of view engineering+management have better means of field advantages. This answer follows for every degree graduates for viscom/ can create attractive advertising, remodelling, resynthesise and many more / can have better means of solutions in problem solving.
With enough amount of competitive management can bring lot of difference in the daily basis of life it gives benefits in time management, strategically thinking and good judgment apart from these skills it will bring out once full potential in front of the world. To bring an enticing flame in the field of management love what you do .then success will be at your finger tips. when success comes money aren't a big deal.

We just have discussed about the fascinating nature of management. its just the tip of the ice berg. The management has another face of managing by means of specialization and types. just to make it sure .specialization and types of management are two different things.
  The most popular specialization in management are
1) Management in finance
2) Management in human resource
3) Management in logistics and operations
4) Management in sales and marketing
5) Management in information and technology (IT)
6) Management in rent
                     Each specialization has a fair share of pros and cons but differences apart each specialization follows unique style.

It follows new type of supply chain. This will teach you how to drive back-end efficiency. In this past few years there is a particular growth in the field of manufacturing industry. When there is a demand for best quality with faster delivery across continents. as part  of the companies have switch gears and have got  their production and distribution systems redone operations management have undergone an overhaul to suit today’s customer’s demand. If your core knowledge is strong would recommend you to prefer this course
*it mainly focuses on identifying, developing interpreting for practice and innovative approach in manufacturing and supply chain management.

After earning an MBA in operations, your career opportunities are set to broader. you would easily get opportunities to work in planning and policy making,motivation,evaluation,product development and inventory control.

Operations manager can earn anything between Rs.4-12 lakh a year while the figure for senior.

Human resource management, deals with human emotions, recruiting, training, team building, performance updates, employee policy, salary, benefits and increments, employee heal and safety as well as staff amenities. If you've got good people skills and can handle tough situation well, you can go a long way in this field.

Specialization in financial has its focus on management accounting and control, the money market, banking and international finance. It tell us about the various aspects of financial theories, identification of best managerial practices in area and global practice of applications. It is a popular specialization growth prospect in the field is immense.
Careers in banks, financial consultancies and financial institutions. It also deals with consumer and investment banking institutional finance, merchant banking, corporate financing and international finance.
                 According to the survey in 2015 most of the youngsters prefer for financial and HR management due to the compatibility and flexibility in the field of management.

                            Every field of management have fair share of strength and vulnerability. But “ONE MAN’S TRASH IS ANOTHER MAN’S TREASURE “so choose you’re treasure wisely……management could be lot of fun if you allow it to be.

Article by- R.Vikraman


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