Tuesday 22 March 2016

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Reports are now in that as many as 23 people are dead& 35 injured. However, no official statements are in as the scene of the explosionis still being secured. Operations to evacuate some peoplestill inside are being conducted at the moment. Not just the airport but the entire city of Brussels has gone into lock-down. Bus, tram and metro services have been suspended. As per standard procedures, flights to the airport have been cancelled or rerouted. France has gotten into a panic with memories of the November attack still fresh in their minds. They've deployed 1,600 more police officers at the border and on important transport locations after the explosions. The attacks come merely 4 days after the arrest of Salah Abdeslam, 26, the only surviving suspect of Paris’s November attacks which killed 130 people. Abdeslam – a French national – was arrested after he was shot in the leg and captured by Brussels Police.
Watch this CCTV footage taken at the exact moment the explosion occured: https://goo.gl/J7cUs1
Here's a video of the site after the explosion: https://goo.gl/VIDAHc


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