Saturday 21 February 2015

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A few days back it was being reported that WhatsApp was testing voice calling feature on select devices. The messaging giant is now all set to bring the feature to all its Android subscribers. This will be a fantastic news for the users but will also be a major cause of concern for the network operators who have already lost tremendous amount of SMS revenue to messaging apps.

The update seems to get activated when a user with voice calling capability calls his WhatsApp contacts. Once the update is activated, the user interface also changes to feature a separate voice calling screen. A phone icon also appears next to the WhatsApp contacts, and you can also see the call logs of your device.

It seems like the update procedure isn’t working for all users yet. There might also be a possibility that the developers might have restricted the number of people a person can invite by voice calling them. WhatsApp hasn’t officially announced the roll-out but with the number of devices supporting the feature, we can anticipate an announcement any time soon.

With this offering, Facebook owned WhatsApp will also direct an assault at voice calling apps like Viber, WeChat and others. You can even expect a backlash from the phone companies in the form of increased data pack costs. But no matter what, the 700 Million WhatsApp users are going to get a reason to celebrate real soon.

NOTE: Currently many of them not getting this update.please wait it is in final stage of testing and it will out soon to all user.By introducing whatsapp calling they make a big move lets find out!!


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