Sunday 10 August 2014

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There is currently an Ebola outbreak putting all of us at risk. Please help educate all around u by sending this message to all your contacts..
What is EBOLA?
It's a virus that attacks a person blood system:
Ebola is what scientists call a haemorraghic fever - it operates by making its victims bleed from almost
anywhere on their body.
Usually victims bleed to
Ebola is highly contagious;
Being transmitted via
contact with body fluids
such as blood, sweat, saliva,
semen or other body discharges.
Ebola is however NOT AN AIRBORNE VIRUS!
About 90% of people that
catch Ebola will die from it.
It's one of the deadliest
diseases in the world,
killing in just a few weeks.
Untreatable(no cure):
Ebola has no known treatment or cure.
Victims are usually treated for symptoms with the faint hope that they
How Do I Know Someone has Ebola?
•Joint & Muscle pains
•Stomach Pain
•Lack of Appetite
Protect Yourself:
•Wash Your Hands
with Soap
Do this a lot. You can
also use a good hand
sanitizer. Avoid
unnecessary physical contact with people.
■Restrict yourself to food you prepared yourself.
■Disinfect Your Surroundings
The virus cannot
survive disinfectants,heat, direct sunlight,detergents and soaps.
Clean up!:
•Fumigate If you have Pests.
•Rodents can be carriers of Ebola.
•Fumigate your environment & dispose off the carcasses properly!
•Dead bodies CAN still
transmit Ebola.
•Don't touch them without
protective gear or better yet avoid them altogether.
Protect Yourself:
•Use protective gear if you
must care or go near
someone you suspect has
•Report any suspicious
symptoms in yourself or
anyone else IMMEDIATELY.
Do not delay!
Educate Everyone:
•Tell your neighbours,
colleagues and domestic
staff (anyone really). Basically you're safer when
everyone is educated.


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