Sunday 6 July 2014

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Job interviews are not just about good resumes, knowledge and the words you speak. Your body language is equally important that not only tells a lot about you, but may also stand as an important factor between getting hired or not.

Here are seven ways on how you can improve upon the physical aspects that govern your non verbal communication:

* Make a pleasing entrance:
An interview starts even before you get into the interview room. You never know who could be in the parking lot with you, looking at you from a window or standing next to you in the elevator. The key is to keep calm and you will appear calm. From entering the office building to waiting in the common hall to entering the interviewer's cabin, your body should tell anyone who might be watching that you're confident and prepared.

* The handshake:
Job interviews mean handshakes. So not only maintain a formal distance with the interviewer while doing this, but also offer your hand with the palm slightly up so that your interviewer's hand covers yours. Since you are going to shake with your right hand, be prepared for it by arranging your belongings on your left side. 
Remember, never cover the other person's hand with the hand you are not shaking with. 

* Sit properly: 
Sit upright but in a relaxed fashion leaning slightly forward at about a 10 to 15 degree angle towards the interviewer. This sends the message that you are interested and involved.

* Maintain eye contact: 
Always maintain eye contact and be an active listener. Keep nodding lightly while the other person is speaking so as to give an impression that you are interested in what the other person is saying. Also, keeping eye contact forms a positive connection and tends to reduce the tension. This also expresses your self-confidence. 

* Be aware of your hands: 
The best thing to do with your hands is to rest them loosely clasped in your lap or on the table, if there is one. Fiddling with hair, face or neck sends the message of anxiety and uncertainty. Body language experts say that touching the nose, lips or ears gives a negative impression and can signal that the candidate is lying. Avoid keeping your hands folded or crossed. This signals that you are defensive and even portrays a threatening and negative attitude.

* Show synchronization: 
Synchronize yourself with the other person. Read his/her habits and follow his/her facial cues and impressions. This would enable you to know if the other person is or isn't agreeing to your comment. Then make impromptu modifications in your speech as the occasion demands.

* Avoid drooping and looking downcast: 
Finally, avoid drooping and looking downcast, no matter how the interview session is going. Be forward, confident and direct when you speak or act. 

Getting a hold on your non-verbal commutation methods certainly makes the difference between getting the right job or not. Becoming perfect in all aspects might take time, but practicing the aspects over and over again will surely take you a long way!


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