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AMD's 200 series

About the series

AMD came with new series Radeon 200.The Rx 200 series was announced on September 25, 2013, at the AMD GPU14 Tech Day event. More next gen gpus of this series is expected to release by 2014. The Radeon R9 270 series is composed of two products, the 270X and the 270, with the X indicating the higher performing part in AMD’s new naming scheme ,as boost for nvidia products ., the r9 270 and r9 270x has similar config wen compared to amd's hd 7850 and hd 7870 but the price of 270 and 270x is in the rage of 200$ where as later is at $250+.
R9 270 and R9 270x  

As the AMD's direct opponent is Nvidia . not it released any product for face to face competition as for as now 270x is compared with 660 where as the head to head battle may be considered with 650ti boost ! From a performance perspective, despite the minor GPU clock-speed bump the 270X ends up being 9% faster than the 7870, thanks to the combination of that GPU clock-speed bump combined with the memory clock-speed bump. It’s not a massive difference, but it makes the 270X the superior card.

As it can clearly seen from the BF3 bench mark ! crysis 3 also show the similar result where at mid range settings r9 270 give 5 to 7 fps more than 650ti boost .But according to price range 650 ti is lesser where 660 is in the range of r9 270 and 660 performs better than the 270 ..!   

In power conception 270 consumes high as equal to 670 

This test also highlights the difference between the GTX 760 and 270X in maximum power consumption; the 270X will draw less power on average, but it’s ultimately rated for more than the GTX 760.

We still have a difference between the HIS and Asus cards, but at 7W it’s not nearly as much as under Crisis. More significantly we can see both the HIS 270 and GTX 660 topping out within 1W of each other, illustrating  the 150W wall.

Anyhow, right now the 270 clearly is the card to beat in both its market segment and its power segment. As a $180 card it’s roughly the same price as the GTX 660 but it’s 10% faster.

Finally, getting to our individual 270 cards, we’ll start with the HIS Radeon R9 270 IceQ X2. As our reference clocked sample, everything we’ve said about 270 in general is going to apply here. HIS has put together a solid card that should make the $180 price band happy, as it combines good performance for the price with a solid open air cooler asus direct CU II tecch was really awesome in balancing temperature and noise controlling.Their 270 DCUII OC continues the same 

Thus the AMD 200 series is price worthy and have all the required features to buy. so if u r searching for a better performing as well as economical then this is the one to have a GO.!


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