Monday 7 January 2013

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Intel is launching the new “Y” series Ivy Bridge Processors. These new chips are supposed to be world’s most power efficient as they go below the mark of 10-Watts. The chips are going to be embedded in laptops and tablets to increase their battery life (9-10 Hours) and make them more thinner. Current versions of Ivy Bridge Processors have power rating of 17-Watts which are used in ultrabooks and Macbook Air which give 7-8 hours of battery life.The conventional laptops are giving only 3-4 hours battery life. The new “Y” series chips will be used in ultrabooks to give them new design and more thinner look.

Second is Sony's DUO 11 appears to be a tablet; no keyboard is immediately visible. Yet when you pick it up, it seems a little hefty for a tablet. What's going on here? Well, the Duo 11 is not just a tablet. Lifting up the top edge tilts the display and reveals a sliding keyboard hidden beneath the panel. It is the first laptop and can be used as a tablet when you detach the screen and use with touch screen options. It is costing roughly 55,000 in India. Techies claim this is NOT a duo because it can be used as smartphone also...... so 3in1 usage is quite possible


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