Friday 2 November 2012

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Website with 'blacklist register' hit by cyberattacks

OSCOW: A Russian website with a special register of "blacklisted" sites came under attack shortly after it went online on Thursday, said the federal agency which runs it.

"There are attacks. We are retaliating successfully," the federal supervisory service for telecoms which runs the site posted on its Twitter account.

In July, the Russian parliament passed a law to create " internet blacklists", that rights groups condemned as an attempt to crack down on internet freedom.

Under child protection laws, sites deemed harmful will be listed on blacklisted sites' registers and access to them will be blocked across Russia. Site owners get three days to remove offensive web pages or the site itself will be deleted.

The requirement for a court order to close down a site will be waived for any containing content related to child pornography, suicide and drug making instructions.

The register will be partially available to users who will be able to check up on a particular site but will not be able to see the complete list.



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