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Health and fitness
Water intake

Water is life and no life without water. Here some great benefits of drinking enough water are prominent to establish health and 24 hour fitness is concerned.  Water having zero calories is the best thing in dieting to full the stomach with, in order to overcome overeating habit. Water keeps the joints flexible and helps the intestines to work properly against constipation and hypertension. Near about 8 glasses water daily have surprisingly effects on body to purge impurities and giving the skin fresh, natural and beauty look. It is also helpful to decrease acne pimples and dryness of the skin to promote face beauty.

Avoid Sleep deprivation

Natural sleep is blessing of God for physical fitness and mental health. In early ages when people were not so much civilized and were not used to late night waking they had good sleep and health. But now-a-days our workout routines have been changed and we are use to work late nights with electric lights; so we have become late sleeper.  Sleep deprivation a night reduces brain alertness resulting in mistake making on preceding day. Constant use of sleeping pills is another dangerous practice in order get brain rest artificially. Try to change your workout routines and remove the causes of insomnia instead of taking depressant medicines or addictions.  This is only possible with healthy lifestyle.

Emotional Satisfaction

Natural deep sleep is very much concerned to the emotional state of the body as well. Emotions like anger, fear, hate, over excitement, depression, sadness, feeling of guilt, moroseness have always deep effect on health & cardio fitness and causing insomnia. Emotional problems may cause health and physical fitness problems as well. Hypertension, over sensitiveness to heat, light, noise and contradiction is an alarming sign for emotional, psychiatric problem, needs to be resolved on priority. Early consultation with doctor may avoid further complications. So always be careful about your emotional accidents in daily life and their consequences.

Eat Balanced Diet

Balanced diet means, intake of food which fulfils all of the body requirements to achieve 24 hour fitness goal. It is one of four major factors necessary to remain healthy. Normally people don’t care for balanced diet and always eat and drink according to their taste. So eventually tends to use some specific diet and over use it causing health problems. Some people like salty foods and use extra table salt which is obviously dangerous for hypertension patients. Your doctor can guide you according to your body requirement to get suitable diet. Always consult your doctor for health problems and ask him to recommend suitable diet for you.

Regular Exercise

For cardio fitness and to keep body strong, active and healthy exercise has dominant helping aspect as a work out routine. There is a difference between tiredness and exercise. Some people think that daily hard working is substitute of daily exercise and they need nothing more to achieve 24 hour fitness; it is wrong. Exercise may be some daily routine activity like riding a bicycle or using stairs, which is easy to perform. Before starting heavy exercises consult your doctor for your physical fitness and cardio fitness especially if you are in 30 or above. Warm up and cool down is necessary before and after exercise.

Miscellaneous Health & Fitness Tips

Back Pain Guidelines The common mistake of doing exercise without proper warm up often results in muscle injury and back pain. Above mentioned guidelines are useful to avoid any exercise mistake resulting in painful condition. Health safety awareness should much emphasized in health and fitness education to ensure 24 hour fitness.


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