Saturday 3 November 2012

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The England Team is all set to play three months in India for 4 tests, 2 T20, 5 ODI's. The schedule for the series is known well before.England are currently ranked 2nd in the   ICC test ranking with 117 rating and India is ranked 5th with 106 ratings.Last Time England played in India during Diwali season they were outclassed by the men in Blue who hope to repeat the same script.The series is so long such that an India - Pakistan series is scheduled before the ODI's. It is going to be a long series for India as Australia is also set to tour India and the Physical Strength of our players will be put to test.


The Schedule of the Airtel Series- India vs England 2012-13 is

1st Test: DATE:Nov 15 - Nov 19, 2012 
                TIME:04:00 GMT | 09:30 IST 
                VENUE: Ahmadabad 
                CLIMATE: Smoke(17 - 36 °C)

2nd Test: DATE:Nov 23 - Nov 27, 2012 
                 TIME:04:00 GMT | 09:30 IST 
                 VENUE: Mumbai 
                 CLIMATE:smoke(27 - 33 °C)

3rd Test: DATE:Dec 05 - Dec 09, 2012 
                 TIME:03:30 GMT | 09:00 IST 
                 VENUE: Kolkata
                 CLIMATE: Haze(23 - 31 °C)

4th Test: DATE: Dec 13 - Dec 17, 2012 
                TIME:04:00 GMT | 09:30 IST 
                CLIMATE: Cloudy(22 - 27 °C)

1st T20I: DATE: Dec 20, 2012
                TIME:13:30 GMT | 19:00 IST 
                VENUE: Pune
                CLIMATE: partly cloudy(21 - 29 °C)

2nd T20I:  DATE: Dec 22, 2012
                  TIME:13:30 GMT | 19:00 IST 
                  CLIMATE: Smoke(27 - 33 °C)

1st ODI:  DATE: Jan 11, 2013
                TIME:09:00 GMT | 14:30 IST 
                VENUE: Rajkot
                CLIMATE: Sunny( 21 - 34 °C)

2nd ODI: DATE: Jan 15, 2013
                 TIME:09:00 GMT | 14:30 IST 
                 VENUE: Kochi

3rd ODI: DATE: Jan 19, 2013
                 TIME: 09:00 GMT | 14:30 IST 
                 VENUE: Ranchi
                 CLIMATE: Fog(19 - 24 °C)

4th ODI: DATE: Jan 23, 2013
                TIME:06:30 GMT | 12:00 IST 
                VENUE: Mohali
                CLIMATE: Haze(13 - 30 °C)

5th ODI: DATE: Jan 27, 2013
                TIME:09:00 GMT | 14:30 IST 
                VENUE: Dharamsala 
                CLIMATE:  Haze(4 - 18 °C)

With a good start to the season India can go on to improve their ICC ranking and try to regain the no.1 spot in tests.Wish Best of Luck to Team India in All the coming tours and hope to see them win all the matches.



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