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AMD FX 8-Core Black Edition FX-8150

3.6GHz , 16mb cache , AM3+ Socket

Unlock and load. Blow away the competition with the unrestrained power of an AMD FX processor. Experience unmatched multitasking and pure core performance with the industry’s first 32nm 8-core desktop processor. Get the speed you crave with AMD Turbo CORE Technology to push your core frequencies to the limit when you need it most. Go beyond the limits of maximum speed with easy-to-use AMD OverDrive and AMD Catalyst Control Center software suites*. But the best part of all? You’ll get all this impressive performance at an unbelievable price. You’ll be asking yourself “what competition?” in no time.

Combine an AMD FX CPU with an AMD 9-series chipset motherboard and AMD Radeon HD 6000 series graphics cards to create the AMD “Scorpius” platform. Get lost in the action with ultra-responsive gameplay and insanely lifelike HD powered by VISION FX Technology from AMD. Overtake your rivals with the raw power and superior performance of an unlocked CPU*. Immerse yourself in an accelerated HD experience with AMD Radeon GPU and Microsoft DirectX 11 capable graphics. *Note: AMD’s product warranty does not cover damage caused by overclocking (even when overclocking is enabled via AMD Overdrive software).

Product Features

Overclocking capabilities - Unlocked for a big boost in performance and speed.

"Bulldozer" architecture - Designed to increase core communication for unparalleled multitasking and pure core performance.

AMD Turbo CORE Technology - A burst of speed for the task at hand. Delivers dynamic core performance boosts depending on users' workload at frequencies of up to 900MHz faster.

AMD OverDrive software - Tuning controls to push performance to the limits and monitors system stability when overclocking

32nm die shrink - Stable and smooth performance with impressive energy efficiency

Advanced Instruction Support - accelerates a new generation of applications:SSE3, SSE4.1/4.2, AVX, AES, XOP, FMA4

Larger Caches - increase everyday performance with support up to 8MB L2 Cache and 8MB L3 Cache

Processor, Memory, and Motherboard

Key Specs:

Processor AMD FX 8-Core Black Edition

Model FX-8150



Operating Mode 32 Bit Yes

Operating Mode 64 Bit Yes

Revision B2

Base Speed (MHz) 3600

Boost Speed (MHz) 4200


Max Temps (C) 61'C

Wattage 125 W

AMD Virtualization Technology Yes

L1 Cache Size (KB)

L1 Cache Count

L2 Cache Size (KB) 1000

L2 Cache Count 8

L3 Cache Size (KB)

CMOS 32nm

Socket AM3+


1* Processor AMD FX 8-Core Black Edition
1* Heatsink + Fan


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