Monday 22 October 2012

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The 57th quadrennial United States Presidential election is to be held on November 6,2012. The election is to be fought between Incumbent democratic president Obama who is running for second and final term will take on Challenger from Republican party Romney . The president will be officially chosen on December 17,2012.

Obama the current president took over from bush is looking to bank on his government achievements of bringing the economy back on track and killing the american most wanted osama bin laden.

The challenger Romney former governor of Massachusetts is to take on Obama in this election and like to take issues the government fail to act.The anti-incumbency of the government may help Romney.

There are also two other nominee in the fray Gary Johnson of Libertarian and Jill stein of the green party.

Obama as well as Romney are promising to make at least a million employment  opportunity if elected as president.Many survey put Obama as the Front runner and the most likely president of USA.

From the Indian point of view the president who will have a good friendly relationship with india must be elected.


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