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Most Expensive Hollywood Fight Scene
In a famous science fiction movie, "The Matrix Reloaded", a 17 minute battle scene cost over $40 million to produce.

The Matrix Reloaded is an American sci-fi movie which was released in 2003. The movie is the second instalment of Matrix Trilogy. The film was a success at the box office but it had to be a super hit movie to
recoup the cash splashed on its exuberant graphics. Without any doubt, the movie stood matchless in special effects at its time but to produce such eye popping effects, the budget had to lucrative too.
It took over 100 million dollars on the complete graphics of the movie which included a 17 minute battle scene which cost over 40 million dollars alone! For the Burly Brawl scene, certain sections of the fights used digital versions of Neo and Smith. The VFX team used Sony HDR-900 High Definition cameras to scan their images to generate digital sequences and Smith clones. For live action, sequences were shot in 18 second intervals to change camera angles and because Neo has more than 250 moves to perform. Whereas a striking feature of The Matrix was the use of 300-fps slow-motion shots, the filmmakers opted for a broader range of speeds on the Reloaded version.
Being so costly, the movie had its fair share of risks. If it were to be only mildly successful, it wouldn’t have been able to recoup the money spent on the graphics, thus being a huge loss. To everyone’s relief, the Matrix Reloaded earned an excess of $735,000,000 taking the number one spot for the best R-rated movie in history.
[Source: IMDB] 


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