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New Water Transfer Printing Technique has Amazing Results

Water Transfer Printing Technique

What is HydroGraphics ?

Hydrographics or HydroGraphics, also known as immersion printing, water transfer printing, water transfer imaging, or cubic printing, is a method of applying printed designs to three-dimensional objects . it can be used on any matrila like metal,plastic, wood.


Water transfer printing, is a method of applying printed designs to three-dimensional objects.The hydrographic process can be used on metal, plastic, glass, hard woods, and various other materials.

In the process, the substrate piece to be printed is pre-treated and a base coat material is applied. A polyvinyl alcohol film is gravure-printed with the graphic image to be transferred, and is then floated on the surface of a vat of water. An activator chemical is sprayed on the film to dissolve it into a liquid and activate a bonding agent.


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